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Zoom Sessions

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic the ILEAP Charity quickly launched a new programme called Zoom away the Gloom!

Zoom sessions are a great way for our Members to stay creative and connected and provide structure when getting out and about is more difficult than usual.

Sessions are led by Specialist Staff who get everyone involved and tailor the sessions according to the group dynamics.

Check out our online sessions, book on and we send you a code to log in for your session.

Zoom Activities such as Singing, Dancing, Drama, Fitness and Crafts enable our Members to safely see their friends and remain connected.

In addition to the above group Zoom activities, members are able to book virtual, 1:1 and small group sessions with their friends and have the services of a creative and innovative facilitator who can personalise the zoom sessions for each member.

You will make some great friends and have fun!


Zoom Sessions

ILEAP Out & About

ILEAP Out and About poster:

You will read about our Voices 4 Choices service below. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new rule of 6, this innovative way of delivering our service has now progressed into ILEAP Out & About. This new way of delivery is another positive outcome from the pandemic and allows small groups of ILEAP friends to access community provision together in a safe and inclusive way.

 Meals out, Day Trips, Ten Pin Bowling, Trampolining, Cinema, Walks, Picnics, Boat trips, Theatre Outings have been safely delivered in small groups

Please let us know if you are interested in accessing Out & About with your name, age, location and any ILEAP friends that you would like to go out with. If no-one springs to mind don’t worry, we can place you in an existing bubble or create a new one, after consultation.

Please contact us if you have any queries and we look forward to Blowing more Bubbles together soon!

ILEAP Group Activity Sessions

Every evening, weekend and school holiday we put together a programme of community based leisure activities, based on old favourites and new suggestions.  
These sessions provide a safe and structured environment where members can meet up with friends old and new, have fun and try new things. 
The sessions help to build confidence, raise self-esteem and promote independence. 
They are great fun and improve social skills, health and holistic wellbeing. 
Forthcoming sessions can be found on our website under Activities, choose an Activity and pre- book and pay via the website. Let us know if you need any further info about any of the sessions.

Download the poster.

Personalised Birthday Parties

Over the years we have been told that Birthday Parties have often proved difficult to organise and that for some members, Birthday Party invites from peers, are few and far between. ILEAP love a party and we can easily incorporate Birthday Parties into our Group Programme. All we ask for is plenty of notice and a donation towards our work. We will then take care of everything making the session extra special for your V.I.P 

Click the following for more information about Birthday Parties!

Download the poster.

ILEAP Voices 4 Choices

Voices 4 Choices (V4C) is a concept that came from one of our members. It empowers small groups of ILEAP friends to access their chosen leisure pursuits together in a safe and supported way. Usually 2 ILEAP staff assist up to 6 ILEAP members to do things together. Examples include trips to the cinema, swimming, day trips, Pop Concerts, Sporting Events. 
Small groups of friends doing things together is more fun and is a lot cheaper than 1:1 support.

Download the poster.

1:1 Assistance

It could be the answer you have been searching for!

We understand that our Group Activities may not be for everyone.
If you would prefer, ILEAP can link members with their own 1:1 Support Friend / Peer Mentor who can assist and promote independence as and when requested.

An ILEAP 1:1 will bring your loved one on in leaps and bounds, it can be arranged for a time when you need it most and can be flexible and on your terms.

We try and find the perfect match and go the extra mile to ensure continuity, setting personalised goals that really make a difference and improve your quality of life.

A bonus of our 1:1 service, is that you can access our group activities with your ILEAP 1:1 completely free of charge, dropping in and out when it suits you.

Our brilliant 1:1’s can focus on promoting independence (work / volunteering), school and education goals (homework club), leisure activities (learn to swim), building confidence / raising self esteem

Specialist 1:1: ILEAP Specialist Staff have the skills to deliver Art, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Sports etc - See Poster

1:1 with a Purpose: ILEAP will link you with your own peer mentor and work with you to find the perfect volunteering opportunity! From dog walking to pony grooming, food banks to litter picks, crowd control to coffee barista! We'll help you every step of the way.Your 1:1 will listen, assist and make sure you are safe, helping you to use your time in a purposeful way, in a fun activity that will challenge you whilst helping others. Thats the ILEAP Double Difference! See Poster

Out & About 1:1: ILEAP One to One is our personalised service that works just for you.

We work with you to find the perfect match and your ILEAP 1:1 will go the extra mile to assist and support you.Monthly goals are set and little steps lead to positive changes that make a big difference to your health and wellbeing: See Poster

Schools Out 1:1: If Schools not for you then perhaps ILEAP will do!

ILEAP will link you with your own peer mentor and work with you to achieve your goals!

We can visit museums, learn to cook, go to space centre or science museum, try bush craft
Your 1:1 will listen, assist and make sure you are safe, helping you to use your time in a purposeful way, in a fun activity that will teach and educate you in ways that school just can not do. See Poster

ILEAP MarketAbility

Marketability sessions run on weekdays during term time at our fantastic Youth Centre in Kenilworth.

Participants enjoy personalised support and purposeful activity that promotes their independence and improves their holistic health and wellbeing. It teaches new skills and helps to build confidence and raise self esteem, it's simply the best. See Poster

Term Time: Marketability is quite simply the best. Join the Crew it will be the best thing you ever do! See Poster

School Holidays: Why not try MarketAbility in the School Holidays and see if its for you for when you leave college: See Poster

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