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ILEAP are now looking to recruit new Members 4 years and over, and new Volunteers aged 14 years and over to add to our award winning team.
Contact us if you, or anyone you know would like more details

The ILEAP Charity is for people with Additional Needs and operates in South Warwickshire, although anyone is welcome to join no matter where they live.

It costs £10 per year to join the ILEAP Charity. Once you are a Member you can access our subsidised activities and will receive invites to free events and services.

We provide the following services:
• ILEAP Community Leisure 
• Voices 4 Choices 
• 1:1 Assistance
• MarketAbility
"a very social enterprise!”

We provide Activities to suit all tastes, and are happy to try new activities suggested by members.

We are a Charity and we reinvest 100% of our income into sustaining and developing our service.• 
Please support us by providing constructive feedback, fundraising, volunteering, showcasing, partnership, sponsorship, donations, legacy