Male Support Friend Required for 10hrs per week

  • Location: Leamington Spa and surroundings
  • Age of ILEAP Member: 27
  • Gender of ILEAP Member: Male (he/his)
  • Request from ILEAP Member: We have a young man who is looking for a Male Support Friend, for a couple of days a week. He is a wheelchair user so you would need to be strong enough to lift his chair in and out of your car. He also enjoys swimming so you would need to be able to swim. It'll be Weds and Fridays. From 2-7pm. On Weds he goes to Core Gym in Bedford Street. He has an hour of exercise with Ben then swims and then home to Mum in Leamington. On Friday pick up from Ileap bowling 2.15pm then to Core to swim then home to his Dad's in Hunningham. Let us know if your interested, and we will send you further information
  • Pay Rate: Up to ILEAP Lvl 3 + mileage
  • Number of Hours: 10hrs approx per week
  • To appy contact: