A Support Friend to provide 1:1 and assistance at an ILEAP Drama session during the Summer Holiday

  • Location: The Kenilworth Centre
  • Age of ILEAP Member: 20
  • Gender of ILEAP Member: Male (he/his)
  • Request from ILEAP Member: I would like to attend the Summer Drama project on 11th and 12th August, at the Kenilworth Centre and require 1:1 support to do this. I have Epilepsy and so need assistance if I have a seizure. https://ileap.co.uk/activites/upcoming-activites/by-category/drama
  • Pay Rate: Up to ILEAP Pay lvl 4
  • Number of Hours: 14 hrs
  • To appy contact: sparkle@ileap.co.uk