Meet Our Staff


Peter Bazeley

Hi, my name is Peter and I worked with Parents and Professionals to help to set up the ILEAP Charity, back in 2000. I have the privilege of managing all the work behind the scenes making sure everything runs according to plan and that we have enough great staff, volunteers and funds to deliver safe, affordable and user-led activities. 
 My passion is to encourage and support our members, staff and volunteers so that they can reach their full potential, having as much fun as possible along the way! 
 Hope to see you at one of our sessions soon!


Hi, I’m Hayley. I really enjoy the social aspects ILEAP provides for the members, watching friendships being built and people becoming more confident and more independent.

Charlie B

Hi i'm Charlotte AKA Charlie B. I was a Teaching Assistant at Welcombe Hills School in Stratford and now I am a Teacher at another Special School. I have worked at ILEAP since 2012 and I love it!
favorite• Hobbies: Sport, Drama and singing • Favourite Film: The Vow, Safe Haven, Ace Ventura • Favourite Sport: Speedway, squash and netball • Favourite Comedian: Lee Evans and Alan Carr • Favourite Holiday Destination: Cyprus • Favourite Food: Indian • Favourite Music: Beyonce, Westlife, Jessie J • Favourite TV programme: Eastenders, X Factor, Friends


Hi, my name is Vanessa, I have been working for ILEAP since 2014. I enjoy it because it makes me happy! The members and parents are so wonderful and friendly. Although I have another full time job as a school business manager; I could never step away from ILEAP. I feel invested in the members’ lives and I have enjoyed seeing them grow over the years. Plus, we have SO much fun! My husband often shakes his head, laughing when I say I’m going to ‘work’ bowling, to an attraction, or swimming. In my spare time, I enjoy reading a good book, swimming, cooking and visiting new places! I have 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs, and given half a chance I’d adopt enough animals to open a zoo!!
Steve Dade


Hi, I’m Steve and I’ve worked at ILEAP for last 2 years and I love it. It’s a brilliant experience having fun with the ILEAP members and staff doing so many different activities. I also work at Roundoak School and support service as a TA. My hobbies include any sport especially football (cov city fan), boxing and speedway. Hopefully see you at ILEAP soon.
Tom Eastham

Tom E

Hi I’m Tom and I have been working with ILEAP since March 2011. I get involved in many of the activities including Saturday Club, pub and meal nights and a number of the adventure weekends and days out to local attractions. ILEAP is always great fun and it is great for people to meet up with old and new friends.
favorite_border• Hobbies: Tennis, Skiing & trying anything new and adventurous. • Favourite Film: The Bourne series / Anything with James Bond in the title • Favourite Sport: Tennis & Skiing • Favourite Holiday Destination: South of France Dream Holiday Destination South America to walk the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu • Favourite Food: Anything French • Favourite Music: Anything you can try and sing too! • Favourite TV programme: Top Gear
Tom Duxbury

Tom D

Hi, my name is Tom, I have been working for ILEAP since 2009 I enjoy it because I like sharing great opportunities with our members and creating fun memories!
Carla Elliott


Hi, my name is Carla. I have been working at ILEAP since 2012, and I LOVE it! I do regular sessions including; bowling, Saturday Club, the Big Chill and Meals Out.
favorite• Hobbies: Swimming, Shopping • Favourite Film: Pearl Harbour • Favourite Comedian: Russell Howard • Favourite Holiday Destination: Spain!! • Favourite Food: My Nan's Roast dinner • Favourite TV programme: Misfits
Louise Hayball


Hi, my name is Louise, I have been working for ILEAP since 2012. I enjoy it because the activities are fun and it's great to see the members enjoying themselves with their friends.
In my spare time I love travelling, cooking or baking and spending time with my friends and family.


I started ILEAP in 2012 when my daughter was still a baby. I'm originally from Leeds and have lived in Warwickshire for about 14 years. I have a very silly sense of humour so anything slapstick will raise a laugh from me. I love teaching dance and keep fit at ILEAP and also singing at the karaoke session.
favorite• Favourite Hobbies; sewing, reading, exercise and baking. • Favourite Sport; dodgeball • Favourite Film; Nightmare before Christmas. • Favourite Comedian; Micky Flannigan. • Favourite Music; I'm very eclectic, but I do enjoy R.E.M., Foo Fighters and Nora Jones. • Favourite TV Show; ridiculousness. • Favourite holiday; Florida
Shiv O Sullivan


Hello! I’m Siobhan, or Shiv as a lot of people know me as. I am a youth worker for ILEAP since 2009. I look forward to meeting you at one of the sessions!!
favorite• Hobbies: Playing the clarinet, singing, going on hikes. • Favourite Film: Aladdin • Favourite Sport: Swimming • Favourite Comedian: Ross Nobel • Favourite Holiday Destination: Italy or Ireland • Favourite Food: Indian • Favourite Music: Blink 182, 30 seconds to Mars, Queens of the Stoneage, Zebrahead • Favourite TV programme: Xfactor
Paul Ireland


Hi, I'm Paul. I started working for ILEAP 2002. I'm just silly old down to earth me. Claim to fame - I have no belly button, so the members are right when they call me Paul the alien.
favorite_border• Favourite Sport: Most sports, Tennis, Football and Athletics. • Favourite Comedian: Michael McIntyre and Nina Conti. • Favourite Film: Sci Films Arrival, The Martian. • Favourite Hobby: Cinema, cycling, walking, easy listening music Amy Macdonald, ELO and The Eagles. • Favourite TV: Eastenders, Happy Valley, Missing, Broken, Fearless and Fawlty Towers. • Favourite Holiday: Jersey
Charlie Howdle

Charlie C

Hi, my name is Charlie C I have been working for ILEAP since 2006 I enjoy it because we have a great range of activities and all the staff and members are friendly making the sessions great fun!
John Mulchrone


Hi, I'm John. I started with ILEAP in 2015. I'm married with 3 children, we have a cat, dog , 2 bearded dragons and lots of fish.
favorite_border• Hobbies:- golf Favourite Sport:- f1 • Favourite Film :- fast and furious • Favourite Comedian:- jack Whitehall • Favourite Music:- bob Marley • Favourite Holiday:- Tunisia
Matt Neale


My name is Matt I have been working with ILEAP since 2016, but I was a volunteer back in 2011, I enjoy working with ILEAP because we do great activities with both staff and members, which makes me happy.
Amanda Onions


Hi I'm Amanda, I started in 2011. I enjoy all ILEAP activities as all the members are so lovely and friendly (staff aren't too bad either!) In summer I do enjoy the canal trip. Hobbies: I enjoy dancing and watching movies.
favorite• Favourite Film: Grown Ups • Favourite food: avocado ,especially on toast! • Favourite TV: I am a big Corrie fan and Catfish is my guilty secret. • Favourite holiday: has been to Las Vegas • Favourite Comedian: I love a lot of comedians but guess Miranda is my favourite!
Jan Peacock


Hi I'm Jan I started Ileap in 2011 and I am the eldest member of staff being 70 in February 2018 and there is 50 years difference between me and the youngest member of staff but all the other staff and members make me feel 30 years younger!!! I am from a huge family, 15 siblings so feel so at home at sessions like Saturday Club. I love my job and wish ILEAP had been around 40 years ago.
favorite• Hobbies: Badminton/walking • Favourite Sport: Tennis. • Favourite Film The Bodyguard. • Favourite Comedian: Peter Kay. • Favourite Music: Tamla Motown. • Favourite TV Documentaries. • Favourite Holiday China.
Tasneem Pope


Hi I'm Tas. I started volunteering for ILEAP in 2010 and then became a staff member in 2014. I love ILEAP because I have such a great time working with the members who are all so loving and caring and the sessions are always entertaining and creative.
favorite• Hobbies: cycling, running, drawing and painting • Favourite Film: Pride and Prejudice • Favourite TV: Friends • Favourite Food: Sushi • Favourite Holiday: American west coast road trip • Favourite Comedian : Micheal Mcintyre • Favourite Sport: Spinning
Charlie P

Charlie P

Hi, my name is Charlie P, I have been working for ILEAP since February 2018. Knowing that I’m supporting individuals fulfil their hobbies and interests, makes me feel I’m making a difference, which inspires me to go the extra mile. I have a MASSIVE obsession with my cockapoo dog called Alfie and you’ll most probably get bored of seeing the 100s of pictures I have of him. I apologise in advance! Look forward to enjoying sessions with you all!
Greg Porter

Greg P

Hi, I’m Greg, I think I’m now the youngest member of staff at ILEAP!) I joined as a staff member this summer 2017, but have volunteered in Stratford on Thursday nights for 3 years now. I really enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them through all the amazing activities ILEAP have to offer!
favorite_border• Hobbies: When I’m not at school I like playing sport, and also enjoy walking. • Favourite film: Forrest Gump or The History Boys • Favourite TV: Match of the Day • Favourite food: Bacon or fish n chips • Favourite holiday: Italy • Favourite comedian: Jack Whitehall • Favourite sport: Football
Charlie Swallow

Charlie S

Hi, my name is Charlie S. I have been working for ILEAP since 2014 and have never had a job I've enjoyed and cared about so much. Catching up with members at sessions and watching them progress through life is a joy and a privilege. ILEAP is a very unique charity, partly because many of the members and staff members have been involved in it for years and this means a lot of them have literally grown up together. ILEAP feels like a family that new people are always welcome to join. We love seeing new faces at sessions and helping them to feel a part of things. My sister is a member of ILEAP and it has given her so many friends as well as fun and meaningful things to do throughout every week of the year. Our family would be lost without it!
Fliss Onens


Hi my name is Fliss, I have been working for ILEAP since 2005. I enjoy seeing the members progress, gain independence and grow as individuals.
Natalie Taylor

Natalie T

Hi my name is Nat I Love my job at ILEAP, I started in 2003 and I've met so many wonderful people, both members and staff. ILEAP is amazing, it brings everyone together for fun, friendship and great memories.
Joe Taylor

Joe T

Hi my name is Joe It is the members that make it a great place to be. The enjoyment never stops and it's so enjoyable to be a part of it.
Kimberley Tipper

Kim T

Hi my name is Kim I have been working for ILEAP for since 2010. I enjoy it because I love the fun and laughter each session and each member brings.
Niamh O’Sullivan


Hi my names Niamh, I started working for ILEAP in 2018. ILEAP’s members are extremely welcoming and make every session a great place to be. I am currently studying Paediatric Nursing at university. In my spare time I enjoy socialising with friends and watching films.
Harry Wyn-Jones


“Hi my name is Harry I’ve been working for ILEAP on and off since 2013 and it’s without doubt the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Every session brings with it new fun and games with a very close group of friends, I couldn’t recommend joining the ILEAP family more!”


Hi, My name is Jordan. I am 18 years old (2018) and must be one of the younger people working for ILEAP. I also work as a teaching assistant. I have been working with ILEAP since 2015, and as a student Volunteer previously. ILEAP is a great Charity to work with, as they provide outstanding activities for people with Additional Needs. I have spent all my time in ILEAP’s drama projects, such as Tuesday drama sessions in Leamington and SpOt Drama on Thursdays. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy going for long walks and drives (as you can tell by my picture, I love cars!) Beside all of this, I also enjoy writing a blog about life on the autism spectrum, where I recently got to make a film about autism in schools called ‘Autism Voices’. Check me out at
Phil Tompkins

Phil T

Hi I'm Phil. I started Ileap in Summer 2015 but I have been a carer from a very young age for my brother, ILEAP is great because it gives people with learning difficulties the opportunity to socialise with friends in their local community. ILEAP is safe, fun and a learning experience for all of its members. It has provided the perfect support for my brother.
favorite_border• Hobbies: Swimming and cycling • Favourite film: Back to the future • Favourite T.V: Suits • Favourite holiday: Australia • Favourite comedian: Michael McIntyre • Favourite sport: Rugby


Hi, it’s Mazza, M-Dawg, Mad Marion or Debs here. Just a few of the nicknames I have acquired since 2010 when I started working with ILEAP. I am really enjoying my work with this wonderful Charity. The staff are fabulous and I have met so many lovely members who make the sessions so enjoyable and fun. I also work at Round Oak School and at a local pub every now and then.
favorite• Hobbies: Not much time but enjoy walking with my dogs, swimming and outdoor activities • Favourite Film: Sound of Music, Green Mile • Favourite Sport: Like to watch a lot • Favourite Comedian: Anyone who makes me laugh • Favourite Holiday Destination: Spain • Favourite Food: Will try most things • Favourite Music: 60’s 70’s 80’s mostly • Favourite TV programme: Only Fools and Horses


Hi, my name is Kieran. I am new to ILEAP and started working for them in 2018. Since joining the charity, I have enjoyed the welcoming nature of everyone I have met, they have made me feel part of the group from day one and as if I have known everyone for many years. The energy shown by everyone involved is inspiring, from climbing 12th century castle towers, burning off some energy with a game of kickball or sitting back and talking over the week with a cup of tea, there isn't a dull moment at ILEAP.


Hi my name is Harry I’ve been working for ILEAP on and off since 2013 and it’s without doubt the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Every session brings with it new fun and games with a very close group of friends, I couldn’t recommend joining the ILEAP family more!