May Half Term

The Dice Box

The Dice Box is different to a normal cafe. The Dice Box is a Board Game Cafe. Play as many games as yiou like from a library of nearly 700 games, we can help you choose games and if we know the rules even help you to get going! While you are here we also have table service food and drink so you can eat, play and relax.

The two founders of The Dice Box, Trev and Steph wanted to share their passion for board games with others. “We wanted to create a space where everyone feels welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you have been playing board games for years or whether you have never played anything! Modern board games are so much fun and so interactive that in todays technology driven world there is nothing better than socialising over a board game. We chose to open The Dice Box in Leamington Spa as it’s such a thriving town full of many other fantastic independent businesses. People in Leamington really do support local business! Our customers are absolutely wonderful and it’s great to see people just having fun.”

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