ILEAP Zoom Sessions

As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic the ILEAP Charity closed our community based group activity sessions  on 16th March 2020. Following this closure, we looked at ways to could keep our Members connected and creative at this time. We wanted to make sure that the isolation our Members faced due to lockdown did not impact to negatively on their mental health. With this in mind we  launched our online Activity Time on the 20th March 2020.

This weekly session called Friday Fun for Everyone introduced our Members to ILEAP online where they could watch our Staff and Volunteers deliver creative and interactive sessions, that could be accessed at a time to suit each participant.

This free initiative was well received and following feedback we worked with our partners to deliver online specialist sessions via the Zoom platform.

Activities such as Singing, Dancing, Drama, Fitness and Crafts quickly developed and within a couple of weeks after lockdown we had successfully launched a comprehensive digital offer that allowed our Members to safely see their friends and remain connected.

In addition to the above group online activities members were able to book virtual, 1:1 and small group sessions with their friends and have the services of a creative and innovative facilitator who could personalise the zoom sessions for each member.

We were soon delivering over 20 zoom sessions per week, creating over 5000 opportunities in the first 6 months after lockdown.

Our delivery was shared with other providers through WCC mutual aid calls, who then replicated our approach for their clients. The following link shows you and early poster for the Zoom sessions.

We hope in the future to continue to offer Zoom sessions alongside our face to face sessions, all these sessions can be booked at 

ILEAP Out and About poster:

You will read about our Voices 4 Choices service below. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new rule of 6, this innovative way of delivering our service has now progressed into ILEAP Out & About. This new way of delivery is another positive outcome from the pandemic and allows small groups of ILEAP friends to access community provision together in a safe and inclusive way.

We have trialled this service with those members who were receiving 1:1 support prior to Covid-19 and developed small bubbles of Staff, Volunteers and friends so that they can take part in activities together in Covid-19 Secure venues. Meals out, Day Trips, Ten Pin Bowling, Trampolining, Cinema, Walks, Picnics, Boat trips, Theatre Outings have been safely delivered in small groups of up to 6 people.

We are now ready to develop Out & About so that more Members can benefit. The plan is to create bubbles of ILEAP friends who will be linked with their own ILEAP Staff Bubble Mixer. Members from each bubble can then go Out & About individually, in twos or in small groups at a mutually convenient time.

Please let us know if you are interested in accessing Out & About with your name, age, location and any ILEAP friends that you would like to go out with. If no-one springs to mind don’t worry, we can place you in an existing bubble or create a new one, after consultation.

As more and more bubbles are created, we may be able to join bubbles together and participate in activities in a socially distanced way that will add to the fun and friendship foundations that ILEAP was built on.

We will need to recruit Staff for this service from our existing team, our Volunteers and through our networks so it may take additional time to get each bubble up and running. The more we can work together the easier it will be to create worthwhile safe experiences for our Members old and new.

Please contact us if you have any queries and we look forward to hearing from you.

ILEAP Group Activity Sessions


Every evening, weekend and school holiday we put together a programme of community based leisure activities, based on old favourites and new suggestions.  
These sessions provide a safe and structured environment where members can meet up with friends old and new, have fun and try new things. 
The sessions help to build confidence, raise self-esteem and promote independence. 
They are great fun and improve social skills, health and holistic wellbeing. 
Forthcoming sessions can be found on our website under Activities, choose an Activity and pre- book and pay via the website. Let us know if you need any further info about any of the sessions.

Personalised Birthday Parties

Over the years we have been told that Birthday Parties have often proved difficult to organise and that for some members, Birthday Party invites from peers, are few and far between. ILEAP love a party and we can easily incorporate Birthday Parties into our Group Programme. All we ask for is plenty of notice and a donation towards our work. We will then take care of everything making the session extra special for your V.I.P 
Click the following for more information about Birthday Parties!

ILEAP Voices 4 Choices

Voices 4 Choices (V4C) is a concept that came from one of our members. It empowers small groups of ILEAP friends to access their chosen leisure pursuits together in a safe and supported way. Usually 2 ILEAP staff assist up to 6 ILEAP members to do things together. Examples include trips to the cinema, swimming, day trips, Pop Concerts, Sporting Events. 
Small groups of friends doing things together is more fun and is a lot cheaper than 1:1 support.

1:1 Assistance

We understand that our Group Activities may not be for everyone. ILEAP can link members with their own 1:1 Support Friend / Peer Mentor who can assist and promote independence as and when requested. 
Click the link to find out more:

ILEAP MarketAbility “a very social enterprise!”

These sessions run on weekdays during term time at our fantastic Youth Centre in Kenilworth. Participants enjoy personalised support and purposeful activity that promotes their independence and leads to Volunteering. Click the links to find out more: 
Tuesday and Thursday: