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A local Charity called ILEAP aims to make local communities across South Warwickshire, safer places to be for some of its most vulnerable members.

The Charity was established in 2000 to try and level the playing field so that disabled young people could enjoy the same leisure opportunities as their non-disabled peers. Now, over 200 Families have registered a loved one so that they can benefit from some of the 10,000 plus, opportunities provided each year.

The ILEAP Charity is intent on breaking down barriers and helping to raise disability awareness in the local community and make facilities and amenities safer for some of the most vulnerable and isolated in society.

Thanks to a grant from BBC Children in Need, the ILEAP Charity have been able to recruit a Children’s Project Co-ordinator, who will increase the offer for younger children aged 4 – 12 years.

The Children’s Project Co-ordinator will start to plan, organise and deliver a new user led program of activities with children aged 4-12 years during every school holiday.  

As a result, there will also be increased volunteering opportunities for ILEAP Members aged 13-18 years who wish to get involved with volunteering, empowering them to build confidence, raise self-esteem and promote their independence.

ILEAP plans to combine session ideas already in place, with new sessions to attract younger members. Charlotte Higgitt has been recruited as ILEAP’s Children’s Project Co-ordinator. Charlotte will work with the local community to ensure new families are being introduced to the Charity and understand the services ILEAP has to offer, not only for the family as a whole, but specifically for their children with Additional Needs.

It is hoped that the grant will act as a catalyst and spark a new generation of ILEAP followers who will start their journey with the Charity and go on to lead full and independent lives.

ILEAP CEO, Pete Bazeley explained

“This is absolutely fantastic news. Thanks to the grant from BBC Children in Need and Charlotte’s enthusiasm, our Charity will go from strength to strength and will introduce the next generation to our services whilst increasing opportunities for our existing members, so it’s a win, win all round!

We were fortunate last year to get a grant from Stratford Town Trust for a Volunteer Project Co-ordinator and now we also have a Children’s Project Co-ordinator, this combined with our dedicated Trustees will mean its Game, Set and Match for our existing and future Members, so it’s a perfect time to join ILEAP and join the Fun”

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